Integration Package

  • Chauffeur

    We are going to organize a pick-up service for you at the destination.

  • Sim Card

    We are going to provide you with a sim card to be connected as soon as you arrive in the departure country.

  • Bank Account

    We will open a bank account with you together.

  • Municipality

    We ensure a smooth registration to the local municipality and other visits at public authorities.

  • Sport Courses

    We will give you an overview over local sport possibilities and even enroll for you..

  • Public Transport

    We inform you about public transport regulations and offer you help in order to get your monthly ticket.

  • Buddy

    In case you have any additional questions and concerns we will find a buddy for you as a first contact person.

Package Benefits

Buddy Programme
Cultural Integration
Document Check
Deadline Observation
24/7 Consulting
Integration Package - Cost


This package starts at 2088$. Please note that particular services can be added to or excluded from the fixed rate based on your individual preferences.

All prices include taxes and fees